Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

Kumpulan Soal Simple Present tense by Berty Bellindha

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of words given:

1. I __________ (read) a very interesting book now.

2. Joanne __________ (work) eight hours a day.

3. Tonight we __________ (see) a play at the thereatre.

4. Who __________ you __________ (speak) to just now?

5. I __________ (not know) him very well.

6. What will you do if she __________ (come) late?

7. My wife __________ (like) coffee for breakfast.

8. What __________ Tom usually __________(have) for breakfast?

9. Your train __________ (leave) at 17.25 from platform 3.

10. What __________ Mary __________ (do) ? She's a student.

11. My whole family _____________(go) to church once a week.

12. My wife and I _______________(go) to the beach in the summer.

13. Listen! The phone ______________(ring) in the other room.

14. Rain seldom ______________(fall) in the Sahara.

15. He is thirteen years old now, and his voice ___________________(change).

16. Let's change the conversation. It _______________(get) too serious.

17. Leap year ________________(come) every four years.

18. My grandfather ______________(grow) tomatoes in his garden this summer.

19. He ______________(grow) them every summer .

20. The children ____________________(leave) for school right now.

21. The children ________________(leave) at 8:30 every morning of the week.

22. Shu! The baby ____________________(take) her nap.

23. In the north the season __________________(change) four times a year .

24. Unfortunately, the patient ____________________ (die).

25. The monsoon ___________________(come) once or twice a year.

26. It's spring and the days ___________________(get) longer.

27. The weather ___________(get) very cold in Moscow in the winter.

28. It _______________(rain) hard, and I don't have an umbrella.

29. It's November and the birds _________________(fly) south.
30. Many birds of Europe ___________(fly) south to Africa every winter.

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